What’s Sous Vide?

Sous Vide is the way to cook the vacuum-packed ingredient at low temp. Set up the proper temp.(< 100C) for each ingredient you want to cook. You will taste the best flavor of this ingredient you never had.

Can the sterilization work well under Sous vide?

Sous vide has been applied in EU & US for years and it’s one way michelin chefs apply on their cuisine. According to Pasteurisation method, the
germs will not be the problem under sous vide cooking.

Is the vacuum-packed necessary?

The vacuum-packed is for long time cooking ( Advanced level of cooking can take around 3 days ) to avoid the contact between ingredient & air. if
the recipe you apply is under 2~3 hours, you can just apply the food grade zip bag and push most of the air out then you are ready to cook.

Does the zip bag consist of BPA?

The food-grade zip bags sold in hyper-market which are BPA-free. Therefore you can check the zip-bag with BPA free icon and it works over 100C
which are the zip bag you should purchase.

How should I start this cooking?

After you purchase the ingredients from hypermarket, you can apply the zip bag to pack the ingredients into several bags and leave the bag you want
to cook this time then put rest of them into refrigerator for the next time you cook. it will be more convenient for you to cook by sous vide the next time.

Is there any limitation on the ingredients for Sous vide?

Not only meat but also vegetables, even fruits can be cooked under sous vide to reach the best flavor. The ingredients are not limited at all and you
can just choose the ingredient you like.

How to select the temp. for my ingredient?

Our website & APP provide the doneness table for the ingredients. If you are not able to find it for your ingredient, you can google it or email us. Out
chef will reply as soon as possible.

What’s the difference between sous vide and traditional cooking?

Traditional cooking needs a lot of experiences of fry, boil, stew, bake & roast to make your ingredient delicious. However, sous vide can help you cook
this easily with simple steps. You can be a great chef soon. Take chicken breast as the example, the chicken breast after sous vide tastes tender & juicy
instead of chewy. Go buy it then you will understand what we are talking about how good it is.