Sous Vide Squid With Three Cup Sauce



For the Squid

6~8 ounce squid

Garlic to taste, chopped

Scallion slicing to taste

Rice wine or white wine to taste 

For the Three Cups Sauce

3 tbsp seasame oil

50 g ginger. slicing

8 clove garlic

1 scallion. slicing

5 slicing chili

2 tsp Sugar

3 tbsp rice wine

3 tbsp soy sauce

1 handful Basil


For the squid:

Step 1:

Cut the squid into several pieces.

And season it with garlic, scallion strips & rice wine.

Step 2: Start to prepare the three cups sauce

1. Heat the pan with medium flame and add the sesame oil.

2. Add the garlic, ginger slices then cook for 2 mins.

3. Add rice wine, soy sauce & sugar then boil with low flame for 1 min. Then turn off the flame to cool it down.

Step 3:

Set PENGFA Cook Helper at 140℉/60℃ & 60 mins

Step 4:

Put the squid, scallion strips & red pepper into a zipped bag and add the three-cup sauce into this bag as well.

Then put the bag into the water bath for 60 mins.

Step 5:

When time is up, put the sauce in the bag on a pan and boil it with low flame until it’s getting thick.

Turn off the flame and add the squid and basil to stir.

then it’s ready to serve.


Recipe Temp


Recipe Time

60 mins

Prep Time

30 mins