Sous Vide Braised Beef with Soy Sauce



For the Braised Beef

300 g rib Fingers,1 inch piece

1 tsp olive oil

 50 g ginger. slicing

1 aniseed

1 slicing cinnamon

2 tbsp soy sauce

300 ml water

100 ml shaoxing rice wine

200 g carrot,1 inch piece

200 g oriental giant radish,1 inch piece


Step 1:

Heat the pan, add the olive oil and heat it with medium flame then put the rib into it.
cook it until it becomes brown. then put the ribs on the place.

Step 2:

Take another pan and put the 50 g sliced ginger, 1 aniseed , 1 slicing cinnamon into it and add the 2 tbsp soy sauce & 300ml water. Boil it then turn the flame into low flame.

after you are able to smell it, add the 100ml Shaoxing rice wine then cool it down for next step.

Step 3:

Set the PENGFA Cook Helper at 185℉/85℃ for 3 hours

Step 4:

Put the beef, chopped carrot,sauce we prepare at Step 2 into a zipped-bag for 3 hour sous vide

Step 5:

After time is up, take the bag off the water bath.

Open the bag and Put it into a bowl.

then it’s ready to serve.


Recipe Temp


Recipe Time

3 hours

Prep Time

30 mins