Sous Vide Chicken Broth With Mushrooms



For the Chicken Broth

2 whole drumstick

20 g garlic

20 g ginger, slicing

400 ml water

Dried mushroom to taste


How to make the chicken soup

Step 1:

Boil a pot of hot water then blanch the chicken leg for 1 min.

After chicken leg blanching, place it on the plate for sous vide.

Step 2:

Put garlic, ginger, and dried mushroom into 400ml water then boil it.

Turn of flame off after it’s boiled.

Step 3:

Set PENGFA Cooker Helper at 185°F/85°C & 2 hours.

Step 4:

Put the chicken leg & sauce into the zipped bag.

then place it into the water bath (185°F/85°C) for 2 hours.

Last Step:

While time is up, take the bag from the water batch and place the meal into a bowl then it’s ready to serve.


Recipe Temp


Recipe Time

2 hours

Prep Time

30 mins

About the Chief

Claire Tu